V.I.P. Bonus Details

A V.I.P. Code allows you to place your first bet with no risk whatsoever.


As a VIP, you will automatically receive an additional 10% on top of any bonus that you have chosen. For example:

  • $500 deposit with a 100% bonus = $500.00 Free Play Bonus.
  • Plus an additional 10% as a V.I.P. = $550.00 Free Play Bonus.

As a VIP, you will receive this additional bonus not only on your initial deposit, but on every re-deposit as well.

If you're currently playing with a local bookie or at another Sportsbook, I'm not asking you to stop. But I am asking you to consider registering and fund your account so you will see firsthand that no one will take care of and give you a better chance to win than I will.

This is not a one-time promotion. You'll have VIP status for life.

I appreciate your business and will do whatever it takes not only to earn it, but to keep it.

Larry Wright
Director of VIP Operations
[email protected]

*The bonus applies to a $1000 maximum deposit.

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